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Saudi Arabia, Dammam 25 -
BR0002 Kuwait (Originally from Jordan) 33 -
BR0003 Chennai, India (Originally from Bangalore) 26 -
BR0004 India 24 Mutah marriage leading to Nikah marriage
BR0005 London, United Kingdom 23 Mutah marriage leading to Nikah marriage/ Long Term Mutah
BR0006 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 37 Short Term Mutah
BR0007 Nawabshah Sindh, Pakistan 30 Long Term Mutah
BR0008 New Jersey, USA 25 Mutah
BR0009 Tehran, Iran 35 Short Term/Long Term/Mutah leading to Nikah marriage
BR0010 Ontorio, Canada 24 Basically Short term, perhaps long term leading to Nikah
BR0012 Karachi, Pakistan 28 Short Term or maybe Long Term
BR0015 Mumbai, India 22 Short Term Mutah
BR0016 UK 21 Short Term Mutah
BR0017 SF Bay Area, USA 20 Not sure at this point
BR0018 Islamabad, Pakistan 32 Mutah Leading To Nikah, etc
BR0019 Tehran, Iran 25 Any
BR0020 United States mid 20's We will discuss that
BR0021 Northern Virginia Area,  (DC, VA, MD) East Coast 34 Short Term Mutah
BR0022 U.S.A. 27 Long or short term mutah depending on your preference. I would prefer mutah leading to permanent marriage, but short-term mutah is an option I would be willing to consider.
BR0023 London, UK 29 Mutah to Nikah
BR0024 Karachi, Pakistan 33 Short Term Mutah
BR0025 London, UK 31 Long Term or Short Term Mutah
BR0026 Saudi Arabia, Qatif 27 Short Term or Long Term Mutah
BR0028 Dubai 37 Short Term Mutah
BR0029 Canada & Pakistan 36 -
BR0030 Canada 39 Long Term
BR0031 Mumbai, India 24 Short Term Mutah
BR0032 TX, USA 27 Long/Short Term Mutah Leading To Nikah
BR0033 UK 25 Short Term Leading To Long Term Mutah or Nikah
BR0036 Pakistan 49 Long Term/Short Term/Mutah Leading To Nikah
BR0037 Chicago, USA 37 Monthly basis may lead to permanent
BR0040 Bombay, India 32 Short Term Mutah
BR0041 Tanzania 36 Short Term Mutah
BR0043 Dubai 32 Mutah: Long Term / Leading to Nikah Marriage
BR0044 Iran 23 Mutah marriage for several months
BR0045 India, Bombay 25 Mutah Long/Short Term
BR0047 New Jersey, USA 24 Mutah
BR0049 Middleburg, FL, U.S.A. 23 Mutah: (type depends on person)
BR0050 Hyderabad, India 31 Mutah
BR0051 Vancouver, BC, Canada 18 Mutah marriage
BR0052 Southeast UK


BR0053 Saudi Arabia, Al Ahsa 40 Short Term Mutah
BR0054 Tanzania 34 Mutah Marriage
BR0056 Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 24 Mutah Marriage (short term & Long Term)
BR0057 New Jersey, USA 21 Mutah Marriage
BR0058 Pakistan 18 Mutah: Short Term
BR0059 Sharjah, UAE 32 Mutah: Short Term
BR0060 Chicago, USA 25 Mutah: Short Term
BR0061 Kuwait 35 Mutah Marriage
BR0062 Dallas, Texas, USA 37 Mutah Marriage short term for 15 days
BR0063 Mumbai, India 33 Mutah: Short Term
BR0064 Karachi, Pakistan 24 Mutah Marriage: Long term (looking for perfect ideal)
BR0066 London, UK 25 Short Term Mutah
BR0067 Dubai 36 Long or Short term Mutah
BR0068 Canada 24 Short term Mutah leading to marriage
BR0069 Karachi, Pakistan 30 Short term Mutah
BR0071 Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia 29 Mutah leading to Nikah
BR0072 Karachi, Pakistan 23 Depends
BR0073 New York, USA 30 Mutah
BR0074 Lucknow, India 24 Mutah
BR0075 Dammam, Saudi Arabia 30 Mutah Marriage
BR0076 The Netherlands 29 Mutah Marriage: Long term/Short term
BR0077 Karachi, Pakistan 40 Mutah Marriage (Short or Long Term)
BR0079 Denver CO, USA 41 Mutah Marriage: Long term/Short term/Mutah Leading To Nikah; Nikah Marriage
BR0080 Karachi, Pakistan 25 Mutah Marriage: Short Term
BR0081 Lahore, Pakistan 22 Mutah
BR0082 Hyderabad, India 33 Mutah Marriage
BR0083 Pakistan 26 Mutah/Marriage
BR0086 Karachi, Pakistan 38  Mutah Marriage: Long term/Short term/Mutah
BR0087  Middle East, Egypt for now 36 Mutah Marriage, short or long term, then may be
BR0088 London, UK 31 Mutah Leading To Nikah or Nikah Marriage
BR0089 Karachi, Pakistan 40 Mutah Marriage: Long term/Short
BR0090 IL, USA 28 (though I look much younger than my age) Only Short Term
BR0091 India 26 Mutah Marriage: short term may Lead To Nikah
BR0092 U.A.E. Dubai 27 Mutah Short Term / Polygyny
BR0093 Dallas, Texas, USA 27 Short Term
BR0094 Hyderabad, Pakistan 39 Mutah Marriage: Long term/Short term
BR0095 Washington D.C., USA 35 Mutah Long term
BR0096 Pakistan 31 Mutah Marriage
BR0097 Dubai, UAE 38 Mutah Long/Short Term
BR0098 Dubai, UAE 32 I want to do Mutah to avoid haram
BR0099 Pakistan 28  Mutah Marriage Short Term
BR0100 London, UK 24 Mutah leading to/or Nikah marriage
BR0101 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 25 Mutah
BR0102 New York, US 26 Mutah - The term will be a mutually decided one
BR0103 Lebanon 42 - but I look younger Well...it all depends on
the mutual feeling between both of us
BR0104 Mumbai, India 38 Long Term/Short Term Or Mutah Leading To Nikah
BR0105 Hyderabad, India 20 Long term/Short term/Mutah Leading To Nikah
BR0106 Lahore, Pakistan 30 Mutah Marriage
BR0107 London, UK 39 Mutah long or short depending on the other person
BR0109 Srinagar, Kashmir 28 Will be discussed with the interested party
BR0111 Kenya 25 Mutah Marriage: Short Term
BR0112 Milwaukee, WI, US 20 Either short or long term muta leading possibly leading to nikah
BR0113 London, UK 40 Long or Short term or long term relationship
BR0114 Most of the time in UK 40 For Short Term, Possible For Nikah
Depends On Understanding.
BR0115 London, UK 26 Mutah Relationship
BR0116 Bethlehem, PA, USA 20 Mutah Marriage: Long Term/Short Term/Mutah Maybe Leading To Nikah, If We Like Each Other In The Mutah Marriage
BR0117 London, UK 27 Mutah Marriage: Short Term
BR0118 UK 26 Mutah Leading To Nikah
BR0119 Bristol, England, UK 20 I am looking for a Mutah relationship in order to help refrain from sin. Initially I'm looking for a short term relationship, but if the sister has a nice, kind, generous, humorous and Islamic attitude I would like to possibly make it long term and who knows possibly even lead to marriage.
BR0120 India 24 -
BR0121 UK (North) 23

Mutah Marriage short or long term

BR0122 Sydney, Australia 24 Mutah Marriage both Long term and Short term, also Mutah Leading To
perhaps Nikah Marriage


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