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ID: BR0005

My On-line Name: 


My Gender:


I Live In:

London, United Kingdom

My Age:


My Marital Status:


My Field Of Work:

Employed Part-time, Student Web Developer & Aim to Be An Islamic Scholar

My Level Of Education: Pursuing BSc

Type Of Mutah Relationship I Am Looking For: (Long Term/Short Term/Mutah Leading To Nikah etc...)

Mutah marriage leading to Nikah marriage

My Religion & School Of Thought:

Islam, Shiaism

My Ethnic Origin:

Pakistani (Sayyid)

My Physique: (Slim/Average/Well Built)

Slim - Athletic Build

My Height:

5ft 8inches

My Weight:


My Complexion:

Dark Brown

My Hair Colour:


My Eye Colour:

Dark Brown

Interested? E-mail me by contacting: The Mutah Matchmaker

More About Myself & My Partner Preferences:

Salaam! Firstly I would like to commend the people behind this site! It is a fantastic concept and I am sure will have a positively amazing impact on Human Society! The world has been waiting for over 14 centuries for something like this to come into existence. May Allah reward you! 

Anyway, more about me! Mmm... what can I say... I'm young active Muslim, a follower of the Holy Prophet (SAW) & his Ahlul Bayt (AS). I would like to consider myself as someone who is actively working towards the Divine Revolution of Al-Mahdi (AS). I suppose in a nutshell that describes what I am all about. My struggle manifests itself in many forms: on an individual level I am trying to be more pious; economically I am in employment and saving up to invest in property/internet projects related to promoting Islam; educationally I am doing an Computers related BSc; family wise I am trying to be a better brother and son; in terms of community involvement I was a manager at the local Islamic Centre and have had a central role in the Islamic development of the youth and community in general; internationally I have my Internet projects! And most important of all I am searching for a pious female companion who can join me in the struggle!

I am looking for someone who will be my friend, my comrade, my lover, my wife, the mother of my Mujahid children, and someone who I can simply chill out with! ; - )

I am busy with lots of stuff at the moment so am looking for someone with whom I would first do Mutah marriage and then when I've got a few things out of the way I would like to marry the same person through Nikah marriage.

I am looking for someone who has quite a deep understanding of life and Islam; attached to the Akhira and earning Allah's Pleasure; detached from this Dunya; someone who is strong at heart, resolute, honest, loyal, sweet, affectionate, gentle, adorable, and someone who can be the light of my eyes and soul.

Mmm... anything else of relevance?... I've got lots of energy, am quite intelligent, average/attractive in appearance (depends what is your type I guess), patient and steadfast. If you'd like to know more and think I might be someone that interests you then please get in touch!



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