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My On-line Name: 

Prefer Nottosay

My Gender:


I Live In:

SF Bay Area

My Age:


My Marital Status:


My Field Of Work:


My Level Of Education:

Still in college

Type Of Mutah Relationship I Am Looking For: (Long Term/Short Term/Mutah Leading To Nikah etc...)

Not sure at this point.

My Religion & School Of Thought:

Ithna ‘Ashari Shi’a

My Ethnic Origin:

Middle East

My Physique: (Slim/Average/Well Built)


My Height:

5’8” – 5’10”

My Weight:

165 - 185

My Complexion:

Creamish white

My Hair Colour:


My Eye Colour:


Interested? E-mail me by contacting:

The Mutah Matchmaker

More About Myself & My Partner Preferences:

I don’t do much more than study and go to events with friends a couple of times a week.  Other than that, I play basketball on and off. 

Physically, I’m pretty average, not too tall or buff or anything, but not small either. 

I’m looking for a halal partnership to avoid sin and to make my life and Islam a little easier.  Of course the greatest mutah would be one that turns into a permanent marriage, but it seems that is not always the case. 

I would prefer someone in the SF Bay Area.   



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