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ID: BR0090

My On-line Name: 


My Gender/Sex:


I Live In:


My Age:

28 (though I look much younger than my age)

My Marital Status:


My Field Of Work:


My Level Of Education: Master of Science

Type Of Mutah Relationship I Am Looking For: (Mutah Marriage: Long term/Short term/Mutah Leading To Nikah; Nikah Marriage; Polygyny) (Please give details)

Only Short Term Mutah

My Religion & School Of Thought:

Shia (Syed)

My Racial Origin:

Middle Eastern / Pakistan

My Physique/Body Type: (Slim/Average/Well Built)


My Height:

5' 11"

My Weight:

170 lbs

My Complexion/Skin Tone Colour:

Very Fair

My Hair Colour:

Brownish / Black

My Eye Colour:


Interested? E-mail me by contacting: The Mutah Matchmaker

More About Myself & My Partner Preferences:

I am tall average built man, Not very reserved, not very shy... not very talkative.... but talk very sensible. And Very Good listener. Like to going out, enjoy being with people, though I am not a guy who try to get attention of every body in a company/ party. Rather I am contended to be with one with all fun. Romantic but realistic too. Speak about Politics/ business/ science/ nature/ movies/ cultures/ blah blah blah...

Looking for a woman/ girl (age 20-42). Race/ color/ lunagauge doesnt matters. Liberal / conservative does not matters. Though atleast have good value of characters. Please contact only if you are in USA. Only widow or divorced with or without childern. Must be independent.

I am more interested in short terms phyical relationship with all religious value intact. Please include your phone number for direct contact.




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