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Southeast UK

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Charity & Arts Sectors

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African/Arab/Native American

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Average to Well Built

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11.5 Stone

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 Bismillah. I am very happily married as it happens but am not satisfied with the nuclear family model and would like to have an extended family through the addition of another wife. With the absence of healthy extended biological families on the one hand and sound integral communities on the other, I am convinced that the model of an extended family through marriage offers the possibility of greater emotional, spiritual and material support and development. As a person devoted to the betterment of our ummah and humanity at large, I also think such a model broadens the capacity of a family to imaginatively and effectively be of service instead of being completely enmeshed in domesticity and self-indulgent romance. Of course, such a model has its own difficulties but I believe that love of Allah as the Absolute Beloved and Support on the part of all concerned can guarantee a happy, positive and harmonious existence. Although this may appear to be a general plug for polygamy, I am only too aware of the fact that the model I propose would only work in conjunction with exceptional people who enjoy a high degree of personal development, selflessness and reliance on Allah. I am motivated to adopt this model by the urgent need of the Muslim community for family units selflessly devoted to the regeneration of our collective condition. Who am I? I am a healthy and handsome 32 year old second generation Muslim of the West whose primary activity is service in the way of Allah as a freelance imam, writer, translator, linguist, artist, teacher and imagineer. I have travelled extensively and am hence world-cultured and possessed of vision by the grace of Allah. My closest companion is the Qur'an and my favourite pastime is the remembrance of Allah and salat. At the same time, I am engaged in the marketplace that is the world and enjoy the best of it with discrimination. My interests abound are eclectic and include travel, film, music, poetry, art, theatre, languages, good and healthy food, sport, books, philosophy, innerquest and all aspects of the natural world.

I am looking for a lady of exceptional quality, inner and outer beauty and distinction that feels she is drawn to serve in the way of Allah for her own sake and for the sake of the ummah and humanity. She is interested in cultivating love for Allah's sake and is committed to self development and full activation of her light-self in preference over the lower-self. Age, appearance and status come a distant second to faith, integrity, patience generosity and an intimate relationship with the Essence of Love, Allah the Supreme. As it is service in the way of Allah that is my driving motivation for this quest, it would be advantageous for her to have expertise or an inclination towards the arts, business or charity sectors.



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