Without YouÖ


Without you, my smile would not be,

Without you there would be no me,

Why do I feel so happy when I talk to you?

Maybe because I care a lot, believe me thatís true.


When we are together it feels as though you are the one,

Since weíve met Iíve thought of you as my number one,

No matter what I do, youíre always on my mind.

Youíre the missing piece of my heart, I thought I would never find.


Why do feelings take over you?Öthat I never know.

When we talk thereís no silence, the conversation just flows,

Itís hard when I donít hear from you, after just one day,

You donít understand what I go through, I wait to chat and pray.


I try my best to help you, support you and offer to wipe away your tear,

I donít expect the same in return, just to know you will always be here,

I NEVER thought Iíd find someone who cares the way you do,

I count the hours, minutes and seconds everyday, until I talk to you.


I never want to loose you, and this is my fear,

Just the thought of loosing you brings me a tear,

Just want you to know that youíre the best thing thatís ever happened to me,

Maybe you donít believe that I LOVE you, but you can open my heart and seeÖ