Somewhere in your heart try to find a place for me,

Somewhere in your heart I don’t care where it would be,

One little corner may not mean so much to you,

But one little corner is all I ask of you,


My love for you is straight from my heart,

And I do wish that we do never part,

We were very apart and now we are nearby,

We will soon meet up face-to-face and at least say “hi”.


We have become extremely close and I think you’re really sweet,

I am counting the days and hours till we do eventually meet,

I hope our love stays strong and we always stay together,

I care about you more than life, and want to be with you forever.


I hope that when we meet up nothing between us changes,

I hope that when we meet up we do not act like complete strangers,

The thing I’m scared about is what if we meet and you don’t like what you see,

I’m scared of disappointing you; I know you can do better than someone like me.


I really like you and I don’t ever want to loose you,

I know we are really close friends but you have never really asked me how I really feel about you,

You maybe a little shocked at this poem I have written for you,

But, I am telling you now…that I would live and die for you…and only you…