Life revolves around friendship…


Life revolves around friendship,

But what happens if you want more; like a relationship?

Sometimes feelings can take over you and you wont know what to do,

Trust me…I have been through it and it hurts a lot too.


When we first started talking everything was great,

Then one year later, I realised I liked him more than a mate,

I used to sit day and night wondering what to do,

I knew I really liked him…no doubt …that was true.


When we used to talk…I didn’t know what to say,

He asked me when my birthday was one day and I told him that it was in May,

I was totally shocked on my birthday; there was a knock at the door,

He got me twelve red roses and a teddy… I almost fell on the floor.


I was totally shocked and since then my feelings grew stronger,

I still haven’t told him how I feel and I can’t wait much longer,

I guess I have to find the courage inside me to tell him I’ve liked him for one and a half years,

I know that love is painful: I’ve spent most of this time in tears.


I don’t know want to risk loosing his friendship ever in my life,

I know I like him and know I will love him more than his future wife,

He will never understand that I have only ever loved one guy,

If I do ever tell him… I am just scared that he will say bye.


When I don’t talk to him…I feel like life is not worth living,

He doesn’t understand that he is the only one I am always missing,

My friends always tell me to tell him how I feel,

But if he breaks my heart… I know it won’t ever heal.


Even though so much has happened I just cant forget about him,

I don’t know however if I have strength inside to carry on loving him,

My heart feels like a balloon that he has popped with a pin,

But now I am asking you…is loving someone so much and not telling him…a sin??