Just For You…


We started off chatting on the net,

This is the way the both of us met,

We started off talking the usual way,

Getting to know a bit about each other by the end of each day.


We then started chatting on the phone once in a while,

We soon became good friends and yours was the only number I used to dial,

From talking once a week we started talking everyday,

It was really weird because half the time I didn’t know what to say.


Without meeting… we became best friends and had known each other for so long,

I soon began to like you more than a friend but thought that, that was wrong.

Soon enough I told you how I felt and you told me you thought you felt the same,

But then, weeks later I found out you were going out with someone…I was in so much pain.


I used to sit down and wonder why you had lied to me,

If you didn’t feel the same from the start you should have just told me,

I was really hurt and you will never understand the pain,

I used to cry so much…I thought I was going insane.


We soon started chatting again and became mates,

Things were not the same however, and I was in a real state,

I cared about you a lot and knew my feelings would ruin our relationship,

I guess you cannot control these things, I realised what was more important was friendship.


I meant it from the bottom of my heart when I told you that I liked you,

I guess I was silly and stupid to even say something like that to you,

I am happy that we are still friends and I hope our friendship stays strong,

I don’t want to ever loose you, for our friendship has lasted too long…