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ID: SR0110

My On-line Name: 


My Gender/Sex:


I Live In:

London, UK

My Age:

19 - (20 this year)

My Marital Status:


My Field Of Work:

IT Based

My Level Of Education: Beginning first year of Uni in Sept-after taking year off

Type Of Mutah Relationship I Am Looking For: (Mutah Marriage: Long term/Short term/Mutah Leading To Nikah; Nikah Marriage; Polygyny) (Please give details)

Mutah Perhaps Leading To Nikah in longtermn

My Religion & School Of Thought:

Shia - Ithna Asheri

My Racial Origin:


My Physique/Body Type: (Slim/Average/Well Built)


My Height:

5 feet 2.5"

My Weight:


My Complexion/Skin Tone Colour:

Asian - not dark

My Hair Colour:

Dark brown

My Eye Colour:

Medium brown

Interested? E-mail me by contacting: The Mutah Matchmaker

More About Myself & My Partner Preferences:

this is my first time joining this type of organisation, so i'm pretty inexperienced in this kind of thing - bear with me.
being just 19, i've done college etc and am about to embark on uni life, feeling a bit anxious is expected however i am worried about temptation, not of myself slipping but just the idea of temptation, and the difficulties of going through such changes of environment and lifestyle alone. i need a partner who i will be able to share my views with on most issues concerning uni, love, friendship and marriage and basically life! and also to help me through insecurities and those "grey" days.
i have always been one of those people who have felt that marrying early is the best option, lately i am beginning to feel that i'll be "left on the shelf", thinking rationally, this has no basis except the fact that many friends and close relatives are all getting married lately-so i guess its all psychological.
i consider myself to be attractive, but not exactly "drop-dead", through-out mylife i have been told that i am a considerate, kind and warm person and i pride myself on my sense of humour - personally i feel i am quite confident and sociable.
coming onto a more serious side, i believe that mut'ah is the solution for many of the fears that i have and i know that many people share them too. i feel that in such a world as the one we are in, it is so easy to take the easy way out and ignore the way of our a'immah. having wat you want or even need the halal way is much more satisfying for our nafs.



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