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ID: SR0085

My On-line Name: 


My Gender/Sex:


I Live In:

Houston, TX. USA

My Age:


My Marital Status:


My Field Of Work:


My Level Of Education: Some College

Type Of Mutah Relationship I Am Looking For: (Mutah Marriage: Long term/Short term/Mutah Leading To Nikah; Nikah Marriage; Polygyny) (Please give details)

Short term mut`aah approx. 1 month

My Religion & School Of Thought:

Ithna Ashari Imami

My Racial Origin:

White Caucasian American English speaker

My Physique/Body Type: (Slim/Average/Well Built)

Chunky, beautiful face & hair

My Height:


My Weight:

+200 LBS

My Complexion/Skin Tone Colour:


My Hair Colour:


My Eye Colour:


Interested? E-mail me by contacting: The Mutah Matchmaker

More About Myself & My Partner Preferences:

I am not from a noble/educated/socially upstanding/etc. family. I do not speak Urdu. I am not Syed. I can't cook biriyani. I'm not in a position to bear children. I am not exceptionally tall or slim-looking. I cover my hair. I wear modest clothing. I appreciate other cultures, but not when they
contradict Islam; and I don't feel compelled in any way to conform to any culture in particular. I am aware of my rights and obligations as a
Muslim woman. My green card is not for sale. I have only said these things to clarify myself in light of many matrimonials that I see in other places.

I am in Houston for some time to do some business. I need to conduct myself in a halal manner. I also need religious benefit, as some of the most important holy days are approaching: `Id ul Adha, `Id al Ghadeer, Muharram, and other occasions; and since I want to improve myself in piety, sincerity, and `amal ul `ibadat. In addition, I should be more social. I am willing to provide companionship to a certain point, but I am not emotionally ready for intercourse.

I enjoy watching good movies, eating simple foods, walking through scenic settings such as parks, discussing books about Shi`ah Islam, and learning as much as I can about Islam and certain secular fields of knowledge. Contact me to learn more about my interests.



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