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From: "M RAZAVI" 
To: "The Mutah Matchmaker" <> 
Subject: Re: Mutah Questions 
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 10:39:01 +0100



Thank you for your swift response. In a previous answer you mentioned that it was not haram but makrooh to do Mutah with a prostitute. Following from your last answers, I would like to ask another question.

1) If a man approaches a prostitute for Mutah is it necessary for him to enquire from her if she has been married before?

a.1) It is better to find out and if he knows that she is a prostitute he can assume that she is not married.

2) In fact is it necessary for a man to ascertain that any woman he intends to do Mutah with has been married before?

a.2) Yes.

3) Does he have to ask this question to the woman, or can he assume that since she is agreeing Mutah with him she knows what she is doing and that she is eligible for Mutah?

a.3) Yes.

4) Does seeking permission of the father also apply to an ordinary Jewish or Christian female?

a.4) No. But if you can convince someone for Mut'ah why not convert her and give her a proposal for life time marriage.

5) Does seeking permission of father apply to doing Mutah with a Christian/Jewish prostitute?

a.5) No.

6) Finally how far does a man have to go in ascertaining that a woman is eligible for Mutah - e.g. finding out about:

(i) Her religion?

a. i) In a country of Ahl al-Kitab you can assume that she is Ahl al-Kitab unless you have a reason to believe that she might not be one of Ahl al-Kitab.

(ii) Marital status past and present?

a. ii) Yes.

(iii) Does he need to ask?

a. iii) Yes.

(iv) Can he take her word for it?

a. iv) Yes.

(v) Can he assume that she is eligible?

a. v) After asking, yes.

Thank you once again.


Anonymous Brother