Mutah Marriage - A Way To Forming Companionship During Student Life

"I am not financially equipped to shoulder the economic responsibilities of Nikah marriage. But, I am, according to the physiological and Islamic definition, a man. Likewise I have requirements similar to any other adult male.

"Fellow male students satisfy their needs through impure, un-Islamic means by meeting people at pubs and clubs. I am not willing to do anything disapproved by my Creator. Neither do I wish to involve myself with people who have a shallow perspective on life.

"But where can I go?

"How can I meet a sober female of similar mind to myself?

"I need a companion with whom I can talk to, somebody who shares some depth in life, somebody with dignity and self-respect. I need a partner who can fill the void in my empty life. I don't want to be alone anymore. I don't wish to be a hermit. There is no way that I can wait till my late 20's, early 30's - when most people seem to be getting permanently married. This is far too long to wait for somebody who doesn't want to slip.

"What shall I do in the meantime?

"I can't even concentrate on my studies anymore. I am constantly feeling frustrated, depressed and stressed out - surely this can't be healthy? My mental health is not doing my grades any favours. My friends have girlfriends, go out partying, and still do as good, if not, better than me when it comes to exam results. Then how can it be argued that if a student had a spouse his grades would be affected? It certainly doesn't seem to be the case with my friends, if anything they seem to be able to concentrate and perform better.

"I've got to do something about my situation and I believe this new website is the perfect place for me to meet someone suitable.

"May Allah grant success to this most noble project."

S.A.M.Z. studying Physics, Chemistry and Maths A' levels at a boys Grammar School, London, UK.