A Marital Relationship For Those Without Economic Means

"There are several reasons why I, as a student, would perform Mutah marriage. Obviously, as a student, I am barely able to financially support myself, let alone a permanent Nikah wife. Because of this Nikah marriage is out of the question, since I would not be able to fulfil my financial obligations as a husband according to the Shariah. However, Mutah marriage would allow me to marry without this being a problem. Of course, Nikah marriage is the ideal, but since I cannot marry permanently, Mutah marriage allows me to acquire a spouse even while I am a student with the view to eventually become permanently married when conditions are conducive.

"Mutah marriage is, therefore, an institution of immense importance, without which a large number of people such as myself would not be able to fulfil their innate needs. Of course, such needs are simultaneously physical, psychological and spiritual, and as Islam makes very clear, suppression of these needs is harmful. They must be fulfilled in a harmonious way. Mutah marriage would allow a person in my position to contract a marriage, fulfilling the need for companionship with a member of the opposite sex, and preventing both partners from falling into haram. Especially in Western society, where the individual is constantly bombarded by lurid sexual icons everywhere one goes, and where free mixing is the norm, it is very easy to slip into sin.

"So for me, Mutah marriage would constitute a means of finding companionship with a female, avoiding the psychological frustrations that can come from prolonged celibacy, and protecting myself from pressures and temptations that are encouraged within a society that has converted sex into a god.

"As we all know, Islam stresses that marriage is essential in terms of maintaining piety. When a person has attained a stage of maturity, at which their self feels the necessity of a marital relationship, then, it is obviously at this point that one should marry. Islam legislates for people in all conditions, so that no one has to suppress their natural tendencies unnecessarily, and Mutah marriage is a crucial aspect of this legislation. As far as I am concerned, a relationship with a pious Muslim female is one of the things that I naturally incline towards, simply by way of being a male Muslim. Even physical intercourse would not be essential for me for the moment, as long as the psychological and spiritual relationship was there. Additionally, the prospective female may not wish to perform physical intercourse. Mutah marriage would allow us to maintain such a marriage relationship by mutual consent, without any of these things being a problem in the eyes of the Shariah; thus, protecting our chastity, promoting our piety, while allowing us to maintain a marital relationship, thereby fulfilling our legitimate needs. Allah in his Infinite Compassion and Mercy has made it such that one in my position is able to fulfil their natural inclinations in a halal way, in whatever social or material conditions they may find themselves."

N. M. A.: Author and Student, who will be reading International Relations and Politics at University of Westminster