I Contracted Mutah Marriage To Help Me Search For A Nikah Wife

"I wished to get married, and I found Mutah marriage to be a viable option to finding a permanent Nikah spouse. Obviously I looked for a suitable match first of all. I was looking in various places: through my parents, through friends, and also through the Internet. I found some people on the Internet and when we reached a suitable level in the relationship, we decided to meet. In all the Mutah marriage contracts I have ever done in my life (three) it was always stipulated that there be no physical touching, and it was for the purposes of meeting only.

"My intention as I stated earlier was purely to find the right permanent Nikah spouse. On the third occasion I entered into a Mutah marriage, my wife and myself decided to enter into a Nikah marriage.

"In the beginning the Internet played a significant role in our relationship. We contacted each other via email, and eventually talked on the phone.

"I do believe there is a social need for Mutah marriage. It has a negative stigma, which is terrible for our community. My personal experience of Mutah marriage was without physical touch, but even the Mutah marriage with full contact physically, is something that should not be shunned. I believe anything that is a gift from Allah and is permitted and even recommended, should be used."

Br. J. Shah is a 24 years old Computer Programmer from London, UK.